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5 skills to stay up to date as an IT professional

The IT landscape is constantly changing. Old systems and processes are being ramped up, revised or even removed to make way for highly efficient technologies to keep up with the ever-dynamic business objectives. Revolutionary IT solutions are being implemented and brand-new programming languages are being developed continuously.

Rediscovering your career: the first step in upskilling

While establishing a clear understanding of yourself can be a tricky existential question, determining it remains crucial as a basis for any future personal or career plan.

3 ways to network your way to a new job

Getting a job can be a major challenge. Especially in a job market where a vast majority of job openings are never advertised or publicly announced but filled through word-of-mouth or networking.

How to upskill outside of the workplace

Want to take your development into your own hands? In this article, we highlight online resources to take advantage of to broaden your skillset. It is time to grow yourself outside of the workplace!

5 tips to help you get a promotion

Are you ready to take on more responsibilities in your current position? we will share five easy tips to help you climb the ladder at work. Get ready for the next career step with your current employer!

Soft skills in the age of automation

In the age of automation, soft skills will be highly valued for their critical role in driving business growth, as the pandemic further accelerates the pace of the fourth industrial revolution of soft skills grows simultaneously.

Benefits of working a temp job

Temporary job is a fantastic opportunity for you to take control of your career, and for some people, it’s the best decision they’ll ever make! It can offer you greater flexibility and provide you with the opportunity to excel your career.

Key Tech & Transformation market trends in 2020

COVID-19 driving enterprises to accelerate technology adoption. Here are some highlights on tech & transformation in first half of 2020.

Top tips to help develop your finance career

A career in finance and accounting, especially at the beginning, can be very competitive, but it can often be very lucrative and enjoyable. Find out how you can develop in your finance career here.

Top tips to prepare for your appraisal

Have you got your appraisal approaching? Here a some top tips on how to ensure you get the most out of your appraisal and that its successful