Opportunities for internal transfer often bring about chances to learn, upskill yourself and grow in your career. But when those internal transfers are overseas, it can be a career defining turn for many people. The process to get that coveted overseas job is not that straightforward and comes with its own merits and challenges. One needs to do meticulous planning which starts months in advance and being all eyes and ears on the next best opportunity.

Walters People explores two avenues you can utilise to incorporate overseas work into your career. 

Internal opportunities

Large multinational organisations often seek professionals who can take care of their business overseas. Some of these firms may also have structured transfer programmes available for people who have shown exceptional performance in the local company and have the potential deliver the same value overseas as well. If you have been looking out for similar opportunities and considering a move internationally, make sure you secure a position within a firm which can support you in this and provide you with international opportunities after a number of years’ service.

Additionally, try and be as proactive as possible in your role, ensure that you position yourself as a reliable and consistent performer. Also try to share such intentions early on, so that your manager is aware and generally most firms will do what they can do, to retain you and provide you with the most appropriate position possible. Typically, most businesses of this kind and size would prefer to retain you within the business rather than lose you to another organisation.

Match your skills

Another approach you can adopt, when looking for a position overseas is to apply directly within the country of your choice. Many companies seeking international talent, often tap into talent pools within established markets when looking for professionals with the exact experience they require.

Key matches such as sector specific experience will often propel your chances even more. Similarly, make sure to narrow your search to the most suitable organisations if you are looking for a greater response rate. 


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