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5 tips for negotiating your salary

Are you dissatisfied with your salary and feel like you are worth more? Here are five tips on how to negotiate your salary with your employer.

What to consider when presented with a counter offer

You've been given a counter-offer but how do you handle it professionally? Here are a few things to bare in mind when considering a counter offer.

How to decide between two job offers

With jobs aplenty and talent supply low, and many a times talent have more than one job offer in hand. And this isn’t an easy decision as there are multiple aspects to keep in mind before weighing your options. Robert Walters recruitment experts share some crucial things to consider if you’re struggling to decide.

How to get the salary you want

Do you think you are worth more? Maybe it’s time to negotiate a salary increase? However, it’s important to do this in a professional and informative manner. Before you consider sitting down with your manager to discuss a pay rise you should bear the points below in mind.