While investing in the right talent is key to business continuity, for many employers, hiring a remote workforce is navigating completely new territory. But why is it important to invest in talent now, more than ever?

As businesses make the transition to remote working, tech-enabled solutions are allowing employers to continue to hire talent from their homes in times of uncertainty, from initial screenings, right through to onboarding.

Look beyond the crisis

Before you landed in an uncertain climate, there was a business need for you to hire, so think about why you needed that skill set to begin with. Right now, it’s easy to get lost in the immediate crisis, but you still need the expertise and experience that a candidate can offer long-term, enabling you to remain competitive and boost your business’ bottom-line.

The importance of business continuity

With remote working allowing you (as much as possible) to maintain ‘business as usual’ operations, it’s important not to let things ground to a halt – it’s still possible to hire and onboard talent to ensure your business keeps making headway and stays resilient.

Take advantage of availability of skilled talent

If the talent is available now, capitalise on it. We predict skills shortages will be just as prevalent once we move past COVID-19, so don’t miss the opportunity to onboard specialist talent in short-supply that can choose between multiple employment offers.

Gear up your business for smart working

Now is the time to gear your business towards a smarter and more seamless way of onboarding staff that could speed up the onboarding process, free-up training time and develop autonomous, technology-savvy employees.

Want to get your business up to speed with managing work remotely? Take a look at our guide to boosting staff productivity from home.

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